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Irina Fainberg, aka 'The Big Cheese', is a long-time cheese eater and for the past seven years the editor of Australian Dairy Foods magazine, an award-winning trade mag for the dairy industry. Her hobbies include talking cheese to anyone who'll listen and creating order out of chaos at Notch Press.


THE CHEESE MAG is designed by Barney Sullivan, a man with flair, imagination and a nose for good cheese. When he's not knee-deep in brie, he's developing branding and campaigns for the clients of his design company, Seeing Things.


Food writer and photographer Emiko Davies is a lifelong roamer and food lover who is always planning her next meal. She has a thing for historic cookbooks, and the beauty that is burrata. Follow her tweets @emikodavies or see more of her work on her food blog

  Sonia Cousins is a Sydney fromager extraordinaire. She is a cheese lover, educator and judge for the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, Sydney Royal Show, Australian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association and the World Cheese Awards. Sonia is a passionate promoter of artisan cheese and writes a blog, NSW Cheese Trail, devoted to small NSW cheese producers.

Celeste Kellie is a Melbourne writer who is “just a little bit obsessed” with cheese. In her spare time she enjoys eating her way through Melbourne’s extensive range of local, national and international cheeses and for fun she drives around visiting Victorian cheesemakers and cheese suppliers. Find Celeste on her blog,, or on Twitter, @CKellie.

  No mag is an island! In every issue of THE CHEESE MAG we feature the work of contributing freelance writers and photographers who are passionate about cheese and cheesemaking.



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